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Smart Energy Solution

Smart Energy Meter

Energy management has become highly advanced today and comes with several key objectives. Synapt has conducted cutting-edge research and development in internet of things especially catering to the energy domain. The needs and objectives of a smart energy solution can be captured as follows: the need for an end-to-end IoT platform, technology agnosticism, rule-based operations, compliance to industry standards, ease of use, powerful analytics and reporting capabilities.

Synapt's Offerings

Synapt's Smart Energy Meter is an end-to-end solution making use of key IoT platforms and frameworks of Synapt. The solution helps integrate a range of different environments and interoperate seamlessly across technologies.
The Smart Energy Meter measures, stores, and communicates data for greater efficiency and more reliable billing. The solution is web-based providing real-time, precise information about energy consumption, thus enabling users to make informed decisions.

The key offerings of the solution include the following.

Platform Admin

  • Creation, viewing, and management of device types, services, service categories, customers, users, profiles, and permissions
  • Tracking the usage of services, user activity, device types in dashboard

Service Provider Admin Dashboard

  • Entire management of the customers, devices ,device associations and configurations
  • Management of customer profile, meters and alerts, and active vs. inactive customers
  • Monthly payment details and location-wise energy consumption information

End Customer Dashboard

  • Displays the customer information, connected meters, weather information
  • Displays hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly consumption information
  • Displays the load, voltage, and reading
  • Displays the cost of consumption for current month and previous month with comparison
  • Display the device statistics, recent alerts and notifications, and energy consumption email reports
  • Subscribed services: Display the associated devices
  • Notifications: Display of the notification of events
  • Billing: Billing details, history, and online payment
  • Budget: Budget calculation
  • Complaints: System to raise complaints and feedbacks

The solution is quite useful to a number of customers:

  • Power companies
  • Government and civil bodies
  • Private organizations
  • Homes

Features & Benefits

  • M2M application and solution providers

    Easy deployment in the cloud with minimum changes

  • Internet of things (IoT) OEMs

    Pluggable with middleware and device enablement support

  • Wireless device manufacturers

    Alerts on energy usage via email and SMS

  • External IT communications

    Reliable and helpful in reducing energy consumption and efficient usage

  • app developers and system integrators

    Historical energy consumption patterns

  • Configuration of billing cycles and peak usage hours

  • Easy registration of complaints and feedback

  • Reduction in energy costs

  • Real-time data for proper balancing of electricity loads

  • User level security control

  • Multiple data representation options – line graph, bar graph, pie charts, etc.

  • Electronic billing info, online payment, consolidated reports