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Safety & Security

Safety and security standards are constantly on the rise for better control over public safety, reduced costs, improved productivity, and increased situational information and awareness. IoT’s adoption in homes, emergency response systems, and law enforcement agencies, with all necessary data available at the fingertips anywhere and at anytime, will create better control and management of public safety systems.

Synapt’s Offerings

Synapt’s smart solution Safety & Security is an integrated, end-to-end safety and security product, a fully customizable solution to address the needs of public safety and security. Law enforcement and emergency response agencies can easily take advantage of this IoT solution.

Emergency Response Systems: Imagine the occurrence of a fire in a building. The Safety & Security solution detects it and sends information to nearby public-safety answering points (PSAPs) and first responders with appropriate information and shortest routes. In addition, it sends an exit map to the mobile apps of the people inside the building.

Law Enforcement Agencies: The solution ensures better productivity, decreased crime rate, and better control and management of a crime scene by using appropriate sensors, controllers, body-worn video (BWV) cameras, wearables, and mobile apps.

The solution takes advantage of the entire gamut of IoT, and drastically improves the response time by providing contextual information at the right time. The solution provides web and mobile apps for B2B (safety and security agencies) and B2C customers (building occupants).

The following customers can take full advantage of this smart Safety & Security solution:

  • Government organizations
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Internet of things (IoT) OEMs
  • M2M application and solution providers
  • M2M network operators
  • Safety and security agencies and infrastructure providers

Features & Benefits

  • Wireless device manufacturers

    Proactive protection of citizens

  • External IT communications

    Better control of safety and security, from anywhere in the world

  • Leverage the ability to make informed decisions and provide quick response

  • app developers and system integrators

    Prediction of crimes using historical and real-time data analytics

  • Internet of things (IoT) OEMs

    Reduced time in investigation of crimes

  • M2M application and solution providers

    Enable gateway and sensors with IoT