M2M-IoT Products, Solutions, & Services


M2M-IoT Products, Solutions, & Services

Synapt Connect is a lightweight, efficient, and scalable framework for connecting a variety of devices from multiple industry verticals and IoT middleware platforms. Connect supports bidirectional communication for devices using ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, BLE, 6LoWPAN, RS232, and other short-range wireless protocols and access connectivity using cellular networks, satellite, and broadband. In addition, the Framework can be ported to any gateway box.

The framework’s SDK works with a variety of devices—such as sensors, actuators, meters, and appliances—and manages all types of data from these devices.

Minimal customization is enough for Connect to support any industry vertical. It simplifies deployment, maintenance, and easy management of remote devices.

Synapt Connect uses a REST-based architecture, and the data models are designed to be easily extensible. Any configuration of devices in the gateway is made easy with the automatic device discovery, which provides more flexibility to the overall M2M system.

The SDK can be ported to a wide range of devices.

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Features & Benefits

  • Smart & Secure Device Enablement Simple, secure remote deployment, maintenance, and management of devices

  • Connectivity Supports 3G, 4G-LTE for WAN and Wi-Fi and satellite networks for PAN

  • Device discovery Simplified, automated device discovery based on PAN and other short-range wireless protocols

  • Portability Minimized memory footprint for easy portability to any gateway box

  • Security Role-based access control and device authentication for secure data transmission

  • Scalability Scalable for any business vertical and supports volume and variety of sensors and actuators

  • Reliability Support for industry-standard queuing protocols for reliable communication

  • Interoperability Works with IoT middleware compliant with ETSI as well as other open and proprietary standards

  • Management of Legacy Devices The Framework makes it easy to bring legacy devices into a full-fledged M2M solution

  • Deployment Scenarios The Framework supports deployment in the cloud, gateway, and mobile apps