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Prodapt Partners With VT Networks to Deploy the Synapt™ Platform for IoT Use Cases

09 JAN 2017

Prodapt, a global technology services and operations innovator focused on communications service providers (CSPs) and digital service providers (DSPs), today announced its strategic partnership with VT Networks, the only commercial IoT network in Ireland. The partnership expands Prodapt’s global reach by establishing its IoT capabilities further in the European market.

The alliance targets VT Network’s consumers and Sigfox-certified device manufacturers to take advantage of Prodapt’s in-house IoT platform, Synapt™. Sigfox is a French wireless network manufacturer for low-energy devices, and its Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) will be leveraged by Prodapt to deliver reliable and cost-effective IoT products and solutions. In addition, Prodapt provides cutting-edge system integration services in the development of complex IoT systems using the Sigfox network, for a variety of use cases including smart cities, asset tracking, public safety, etc.

Talking about the partnership, Meena Krishnan, VP of IoT, Prodapt, said: “As we transition to the connected world, we have to constantly collaborate and innovate with leading IoT players to create a global footprint. The partnership with VT Networks is a broad step towards this vision of Prodapt. We anticipate crucial growth in the European market through this key move.”

Prodapt has full-fledged IoT teams spread across India, North America, and Europe, and long-standing partnershipswith global players such as Sprint, Gemalto, and Aeris.

About Prodapt

Prodapt is a leading global IT services and operations company focused on telecommunications and IoT. Prodapt works with the communications service provider ecosystem to help maximize value and reduce cost from IT and network engineering investments. Headquartered in Chennai, India, Prodapt has additional locations in the US, Europe, and South Africa. Prodapt is part of the 120-year-old Indian business conglomerate the Jhaver Group, which employs over 16,500 people across 64 countries. Prodapt is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2015, SSAE16, and CMMI Level 3 certified company.

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