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Prodapt Launches Synapt, a Technology Division Focusing on IoT Products and Services


Prodapt Solutions, a leading global provider of IT and engineering services for information and communications industry, today announced the launch of a new division called Synapt. Synapt will overarch Prodapt’s initiatives in the machine to machine (M2M) and internet of things (IoT) domains.

M2M is a technology that makes ordinary devices smarter by implementing communication capabilities on them. IoT is a global network of such connected smart devices to provide efficient and seamless remotely managed services to people. It comes with such advantages as better energy and resource management, cost-effectiveness, and high customer satisfaction.

The products, services, and solutions launched under the Synapt brand take advantage of the entire gamut of IoT and related technologies in the market. The flagship products and services from Synapt include the following:

Products Services Solutions
Device Enablement Framework Consulting Smart Home
IoT Middleware Platform Product Design Engineering Safety & Security
Service Management Framework System Integration Connected Parks
Data Analytics Framework Big Data Analytics Asset Tracking
  App Development Smart City
  End-to-End Solutions  

“Synapt’s launch is a proud moment for Prodapt. Our futuristic products and services will cater to leading CSPs, OEMs, and infrastructure providers in the IoT market. Prodapt’s leading expertise in the telecom domain will come as an added advantage to our clients in the IoT domain. The aim is to build Synapt into a full-fledged IoT ecosystem catering to the future smart cities.” -- Vedant Jhaver, CEO, Prodapt Solutions

According to a research by Intel, the total worth of the IoT sector can be as much as 6.2 trillion dollars by 2025. M2M and IoT domains will pave way to a brave new world with some niche products and services for home automation, advanced safety and security, and smart cities. Synapt’s vision is to be an integral player in the IoT market, driving growth with its domain-specific technical expertise and array of products.

Synapt’s offerings cater to the entire M2M ecosystem by providing analytics, software, and platforms providers; professional services firms; CSPs; infrastructure and gateway providers; OEMs; and semiconductor companies. Synapt targets all domains, including smart homes, safety and security, asset tracking, and amusement park management. Synapt will provide better time to market and overall enhancements across domains.

Synapt has numerous researchers, consultants, and technology evangelists who work exclusively on the IoT domain. Enterprise customers can take advantage of Synapt’s consulting, product design, and big data analytics services to build key IoT and M2M solutions and take them to market faster.

About Prodapt

Prodapt is a leading provider of IT and engineering services with a major focus on the telecommunication industry. Prodapt works with communications service providers (CSPs), ISVs, and NEM customers to help maximize value and reduce cost from IT and network engineering investments.

Prodapt has partnered with several leading organizations in the telecom industry including Fortune 500 customers. Most of the clients are long-term customers of Prodapt and cite flexibility, depth in telecom and high-levels of service as the reasons for re-engaging with us.

Headquartered in Chennai, India, Prodapt has delivery centers across India, US, Europe and South Africa.