M2M-IoT Products, Solutions, & Services


M2M-IoT Products, Solutions, & Services

In a connected world, IoT will bring people, vendors, organizations, hardware, and processes together. The key advantage of big data is that it holds real and useful business insights, hidden in a pile of redundant data. An organization’s success lies in identifying these business insights through data analysis. Synapt’s Data Analytics Framework helps unearth business insights from large chunks of data generated from connected devices, sensors, REST messages, network elements, machine logs, and many other sources.

Synapt Data Lake is a scalable, fault-tolerant, open-source-technology-based engine used to capture M2M data for alarms, event notifications, assurance, and analytics purposes. Enterprises can leverage M2M technology by adopting, processing, and analyzing the structured and unstructured data generated from millions of connected devices.

Data Lake is generic and can be used by any business vertical in the IoT world. Synapt’s big data technology expertise includes batch analytics, machine learning and M2M integration, real-time batch and event processing, predictive analytics, graph analysis, and real-time stream processing.

The key features and benefits of Data Lake include:

  • Improved Decision Making: Data Lake lets you leverage unstructured data for business analysis and making informed decisions; it can be an essential tool for better market understanding and distinct competitive advantage.
  • Machine Learning: Data Lake provides valuable recommendations and actions based on advanced data analytics, machine learning, and application of advanced algorithms.
  • Substantial Cost Savings: Data Lake can provide organizations with substantial cost savings.
  • New Revenue Streams: Data Lake helps easily introduce new products, services, and identify new revenue models.

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