M2M-IoT Products, Solutions, & Services



Synapt provides industry-standard consulting and solution architecting services focused on machine to machine (M2M) and the internet of things (IoT). Consult with Synapt to identify the competitive edge that will demarcate products and services in the crowded IoT market. Synapt has a large pool of technology consultants who can work closely with customers to design and architect the most suitable IoT solutions on open platforms.

Synapt consulting services are based on in-depth analysis of business situations. The methodologies will help conquer the fascinating IoT domain quickly, and easily get ahead of the competition. Every bit of data is collected and scrutinized to build the most effective solution. Synapt’s consultants study the extent of the data and its utilization parameters, and explore the opportunities for analytical insights.

Consulting Services

  • M2M Architecture Specifications & Design Consulting:
    Architect and design the most appropriate solutions based on the data available or collected from your business processes.
  • Integration Consulting:
    Identifying and integrating with the latest communication platforms and protocols as well as delivering interoperability with erstwhile technologies
  • GUI Design Consulting:
    Designing and developing user interfaces for your applications on diverse platforms
  • Infrastructure & Provisioning:
    Backend services that include designing high-level security, storage infrastructure, billing, and overall management

Extensive analysis of business processes and drivers make Synapt consulting an effective tool. The consulting services will help achieve cost-effectiveness, enhanced productivity, and identification of new revenue streams.