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Connected Parks

Amusement parks worldwide continuously face the issue of crowding. When people surge into popular parks during weekends or holidays, it becomes tedious for dispensing tickets, managing the people, and providing a good customer experience. The park visitors also find this annoying. IoT enablement can enhance the visitors’ experience as well as uncover great opportunities for improved efficiency. IoT and data analytics can also attract more customers with the introduction of loyalty programs off season.

Synapt’s Offerings

Synapt’s Connected Parks is an integrated, end-to-end solution that provides a highly personalized customer experience through smartphones and wearables. Connected Parks is available as an app on smartphones as well as on the web. Park management can leverage Synapt’s Data Analytics Platform for loyalty programs as well through the Connected Parks solution.

Some key advantages offered by the solution include:

  • Enhanced Visitor Management: The mobile app allows customers to find enjoyable rides and shows, rate rides, take snaps, and post their experience to social media.
  • Safety and Security: Safeguard the visitors’ children by monitoring their location using a wearable
  • Medical Assistance: Immediate medical attention for park visitors at the click of a button from their smartphone
  • Location-Based Services: Customers can receive promotional offers, discounts, and restaurant menus based on their location
  • Intelligent Point of Sale: One wearable acts as the ticket, ride pass and e-wallet.

Synapt Connected Parks is a perfect solution for:

  • M2M network operators
  • Amusement park management
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Internet of things (IoT) OEMs
  • System integrators
  • Internet of Things (IoT) vendors
  • System Integrators

Features & Benefits

  • Internet of things (IoT) OEMs

    Improved operational efficiency by minimizing human errors

  • External IT communications

    Enhanced visitor experience by saving their time for waiting in queues for ticket, rides, food, etc.

  • Wireless device manufacturers

    Increased park revenue by implementing customer loyalty programs

  • app developers and system integrators

    Better marketing and sales for the restaurants and shops inside the park

  • M2M application and solution providers

    Efficient utilization of park resources

  • Quick medical assistance in emergency situations